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4 Best Vivo Handphones with RAM 4GB+ for Your Choice

You may not believe it, but the reality is vivo is the champion of smartphone sales in Indonesia throughout the fourth quarter of 2020. This information is quoted directly from the report of the Research Institute of International Data Corporation (IDC). The same institution revealed that the largest contribution to the extraordinary achievement by vivo…

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Review Redmi 9T

Xiaomi designed its latest phone with a pretty eye-catching design. There are textures that make it more fun among the phones in the class. Some time ago Indonesia the arrival of the latest phone from Xiaomi via Redmi 9T. This mobile phone comes into the entry-level class so it is suitable for those of you…

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Xiaomi Screen Time Alternatives

Google Digital Wellbeing Run the Settings application Scroll down and search for Digital Wellbeing &parental controls On the next page, select Show your data Later on, you will see a wide variety of data that you need Digital Wellbeing is one of the pioneers of digital health features. In it, users can also find a…

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