How to View Screen Time on Xiaomi Mobile and Use Its Supporting Features

How to View Screen Time on Xiaomi Mobile and Use Its Supporting Features

February 20, 2021 0 By admin

Digital health has been a topic of discussion for various technology companies over the past few years until it finally gave birth to a number of new features in response.

The use of mobile phones can not be released from various activities of daily life. Even now a number of activities such as studying or working precisely need to use this mobile device in order to be completed.

Using a mobile phone for a very long duration can unfortunately have a negative impact on health, ranging from light things such as tired eyes or difficulty sleeping to an increased risk of brain cancer.

A number of tech companies are starting to wake up to this problem. One of them is Xiaomi which is now a dream brand for some people.

The company that used to be very famous as a software developer is still diligent in improving the interface of its MIUI system with a number of additional utilities, including a digital health feature called Screen Time.

About Screen Time at Xioami MIUI

Screen Time is a superior feature of MIUI that has the use to manage the length of time a person’s phone is used like Google’s Digital Wellbeing or iOS Screen Time.

By using this feature, users of Xiaomi-made mobile phones can check the usage data of devices and applications, limit their duration, or turn on special modes to stay focused.

In the new version distributed through MIUI 12, Xiaomi’s Screen Time feature has two tabs called Dashboard and Focus Mode where both have very different functions. Here’s how to use it.

How to View Screen Time on Xiaomi Mobile

  • Try running the update on a supported device if you’re still using legacy MIUI
  • If you’re already running MIUI 12, go to Settings
  • Scroll down, find and select Screen Time
  • Tap Dashboard if needed
  • Choose between Day or Week according to the data to be displayed
  • Tap an app category to see more detailed data

The dashboard contains a variety of key data and settings for Xiaomi’s Screen Time feature. The users in it can see the details of mobile phone usage time, the duration of application usage, and how often they open the screen.

Users can view all kinds of data in the form of simple graphs with parameters that can be changed between daily and weekly to make mapping easier.

In the Dashboard Screen Time page, users can also set a time limit for mobile phone usage. Users can even differentiate it for active day or weekend use and create exceptions for certain apps.

How to Limit Mobile Usage with Screen Time

  • Visit the Settings page
  • Look down and tap the Screen Time menu
  • On the Dashboard page, tap the slider next to the Daily screen time limit option
  • Change weekday usage limits in the Weekdays section
  • Set a limit for weekends in the Weekends section
  • Tap App exceptions to set apps you don’t want to restrict if needed

Enabling this restriction feature triggers a special notification when the screen is on beyond the applied settings. Therefore, if you use your phone to work, don’t forget to add the related apps to the App exceptions section.

In addition to limiting usage duration, Screen Time also has a support called Focus Mode. With it, users can run a feature that can make them unable to use the phone for a while so that they can focus on doing something.

How to Enable Focus Mode on Xiaomi Mobile

  • Access the Settings page of the Xiaomi device used
  • Point the settings page to the Screen Time section
  • Tap the Focus Mode menu
  • Select the desired duration
  • Click Turn on Focus Mode
  • Confirm with Turn on button if warning pop-up appears

Unlike the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature that only mutes notifications, Focus Mode really makes all the features of your phone not working except the camera and emergency calls.

After enabling this mode, users also cannot cancel it so it is necessary to wait until it is completed with durations ranging from 30, 60, 90 minutes, or as previously applied.

Screen Time is actually available in some older versions of MIUI. Users can also use it as in some of the steps above by customizing its naming and location.

But if you don’t support it yet, you can try other alternatives like the tips I’ve shared before because MIUI basically uses the Android system as a base.