Xiaomi Screen Time Alternatives

Xiaomi Screen Time Alternatives

February 25, 2021 0 By admin

Google Digital Wellbeing

  • Run the Settings application
  • Scroll down and search for Digital Wellbeing &parental controls
  • On the next page, select Show your data
  • Later on, you will see a wide variety of data that you need

Digital Wellbeing is one of the pioneers of digital health features. In it, users can also find a variety of interesting equipment that can be used to manage the use of mobile phones.

Google’s digital health service also contains a number of menus such as Dashboard that can be used to set the timer for each application, Bedtime mode, and Focus mode.

Mobile phones with operating systems before Android 9 Pie unfortunately will not be able to taste the built-in features of this Google. Fortunately, a variety of old devices are equipped with battery usage features that can also be used to see the length of time someone uses a mobile phone.

Android Battery Usage Features

  • Open Settings on the device you want to check
  • Find and select battery &performance menu
  • Next go to battery usage stats section

From the page, users can find out the length of use of the phone by looking at the Screen section that generally informs how long the screen is on.

Each version of the MIUI system certainly has different placement and naming. Users can customize the steps above with the version used.

If the battery usage check feature is still felt to be lacking and incomplete, then another solution that can be taken to see the screen time on Xiaomi phones is to use third-party applications.

Third Party Applications

  • Install the StayFree app through the Google Play Store
  • Run the app, then set the year of birth to adjust the settings to the age range when you first use it
  • Press Continue and agree to the terms and policies of the service by tapping the I Agree button
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen until you make it to the main page

StayFree is one example of an application that supports the management of mobile phone usage time. In addition to this application, you can also search for similar products on the Google Play Store if you are still not satisfied.

But for me personally, this app is more than enough. In it there are features such as alarms that can be activated to limit the use of mobile phones, instead of showing only the duration data.

Checking Screen Time and using some features to limit activity with your phone is very necessary. Therefore, if you have problems using the above features or methods, you can ask in the comments field.